Wooden Needle Holders x 4


Colour Coded Wooden Holders 
Comes with 2 x 38 gauge needles
Colours match our 4 x needles set  below
Please watch video below

Needles Set sold separately




Wooden felting needles holders that make felting quick and easy to identify needle gauges. I use these holders on every day projects. Color coded to give you quick access to the right needle to do the right job.  The needle holders are colour coded to match Wild Woolly Heads set of 4 x needles which are made in Germany from premium, high carbon steel. 
Each wooden holder set comes with 2 x 38 gauge needle the most versatile needle we have.  

Note: 4 x Needle Set sold separately.
Reverse Barb – purple,  Pulls out fibre for fluffy finish
Triangle 40 gauge – pink, Use for fine detail
Spiral 36 gauge – orange,  Felts quickly, firmly, no holes
Star 38 gauge – blue,  Good all round needlE

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4 x Set, Reverse barb, 36, 38, 40


10, 2, 4, 6, 8


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