Masked Owl Workshop Brisbane


Level 1 – Easy beginner
Make a family of owls
Lots of beautiful colours to choose from
Hang on doorhandles or car mirrors
Saturday 23 April 9.30am 2.5hrs
Sunday 24 April 9.30am 2.5hrs
Sunday 15 May 1.30pm 2.5hrs
Saturday 18 June 9.30am 2.5hrs
Sunday 19 June 1.30pm 2.5hrs




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Masked Owl Workshop is a fun way to learn more needle felting skills and know how. Di will give lots of advice and guidance on how to make these beautiful masked owls. This class is for Level 1.  Lots of colours to choose from. Once you know how you can make some for your friends and family. They look beautiful sitting on a bench top or hanging from a door knob.  Please see video below.

All tools and materials will be supplied.
Tools: Rice bags, high quality needles, wooden needle holders, and scissors.
Materials: 100% Australian core wool, 100% NZ corriedale wools.
Participants will take home a Large, medium and small. 
Please watch video below. 

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Sat 18 Jun 9.30am, Sat 23 Apr 9.30am, Sun 15 May 1.30pm, Sun 19 Jun 1.30pm, Sun 24 Apr 9.30am


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